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Keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically, in our integrated park system.The area parks offer quality facilities and diverse recreation opportunities like; sports, physical activities, exposure to natural surroundings and arts & culture, just to name a few! The intertwining trails and paths are for the enjoyment and well-being of all area residents and visitors.

You’ll enjoy the natural beauty and scenic views, which is perfect for an afternoon with the family or a run through the many trails. The parks also feature many special attractions including the Michigan Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, Tiber Town, a fantastic Spray Park at our Island Park, a dynamic Skate Park, or visit the Access Adventure Trail in Chipp-A-Waters Park. Find your favorite spot or spend an afternoon visiting them all, you are sure to be impressed by your natural surroundings.


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Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
United States

Provides a universally accessible pathway through one of Mt. Pleasants newest, most scenic and protected areas. The rail will start at Chipp-A-Waters Park,and extend one mile south, toward CMU campus. ...
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Access Adventure Trail

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
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Whether you’re looking for classic layouts, championship challenges, or a weekend oasis of golf, Michigan’s Central Swing has it all. With 11 amazing courses and 11 relaxing retreats, Michigan’s Central Swing is the destination every golfer is looking for.

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