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Sure – we admit it, summer is pretty much over here in Michigan, and it was a great one… but before you go thinking we’re trying to rain on your parade and depress you talking about the end of beaches, vacations, and suntans – let us not forget about the amazing Fall Season we are lucky to have here in the great state of Michigan!

Treat yourself to a quick getaway for a weekend, or even mid week in the middle of it all and the heart of our state. This year – Fall Roads Lead to Mt. Pleasant!


Enjoy color tours in the beautiful and peaceful country side on the outskirt areas of town. Dine at some of our areas great restaurants – from sushi & martinis, steak & craft beer to authentic Mexican cuisine and more. Catch a fall football game at CMU, or catch a show and test your luck at the Soaring Eagle casino.
Save time spent in the car by choosing a fun filled or relaxing weekend right here in the heart of Michigan- Mount Pleasant is about a 2 hour drive from just about anywhere in the lower peninsula! We know you’re busy. Who isn’t these days? You may not think that you have time to get out of town for a quick break, but when its as easy as getting to Mount Pleasant – we think you might just change your mind.





ZONTA APPLEFEST- September 24: The Zonta Club of Mt. Pleasant puts on this annual event at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch each year in late September or early October. It is the largest Autumn festival in central Michigan and brings in thousands of students, visitors, and residents from Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas.

The festival will offer wagon rides and walking tours of the vegetable garden, orchard and fishpond, which will be ongoing throughout the day. Children will have a blast with activities such as the pumpkin train ride, corn maze, face paintings and rides in the hay-wagon. You can buy arts & crafts, eat great food; purchase pumpkins, apples, cider and more. Zonta AppleFest is just one of the great family events that fall brings to the area! For more information, call (989) 773-4353 or visit our website by clicking here.




FALL FOOTBALL: Fall football is serious business in a college town! In Mt. Pleasant, a Chippewas football game brings out the spirit of the university, the passion of CMU alums, and an overflow of support and pride from the community. The Central Michigan University Chippewas will take the field at Kelly/Shorts Stadium 4 more times this season:

Oct. 1- The CMU Chippewas will take on rival school, Western Michigan.

Oct. 8- The CMU Chippewas will take on Ball State at this years Homecoming game.

Oct. 29- The CMU Chippewas will take on Kent State.

Nov. 15- The CMU Chippewas will take on Ohio in their last home game of the season.





PAPA’S PUMPKIN PATCH: This pumpkin patch is a local fall favorite! Founded by retired professors of CMU, Papa’s believes that playing and having fun is important to mental health. With U-pick fruits and vegetables, the small gift shop, the freshly made cider and donuts, and the friendly faces you see throughout the farm, Papa’s is the stop in Mount Pleasant that you can’t miss.

Papa’s hosts a number of events, such as Zonta AppleFest, but is also open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily, so you can enjoy a classic family fall outing any day! For more information, call (989) 773-7750, or visit their website by clicking here.






FALL LEAVES: Who doesn’t love when the leaves start to change colors in fall? Most people assume the best place to see the fall foliage is further north in Michigan, but Mt. Pleasant is actually a great spot to see the beautiful colors. The area is home to the Chippewa River, which spans 91.8 miles and functions as a focal point for five local parks. In Island Park, the river flows completely around the park and creates a natural island in the center of the city.

The river is of course stunning in the summer months and utilized for tubing and kayaking, but that’s nothing compared to the beauty in the fall months when orange, red, and yellow leaves sprinkle the banks and surrounding parks. It is truly a site to see, right in the center of Michigan. For more information on local parks and fall foliage, call (989) 772-4433.





Mt. Pleasant is just 2 hours or less from almost anywhere in Michigan’s lower peninsula, which makes it a perfect place for a quick and easy weekend getaway. Hotels, Motels, and distinctive Bed and Breakfasts; these fantastic accommodations can help you break away from your daily routine and relax. Why not book now?

For more information on hotels and local lodging properties, click here.


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